[Savona] Flat in Via cadorna [#3901]

[Savona] Flat in Via cadorna [#3901]

Taken. Free from: 15/09/2023
Published 08-03-2021
  • Flat
  • 400 (per month)
  • Minimum contract duration (in months): 3
  • Via cadorna [Savona]
  • Females only
  • Close to public transportation
  • Appliances
  • General management costs included
  • Utilitiy bills included
  • With a view

Alloggio indipendente a 100 metri dal Campus universitario di Savona. Prezzo euro 450 se 1 persona + minime spese di riscaldamento. Prezzo euro 300 se 2 persona + minime spese di riscaldamento.



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